1. Why do we have to wear gems?

Ans: Gems attract cosmic rays from the planets. When we wear gems this cosmic rays enter our body. This helps to increase the power of weak planets through its respective stones.

2. What should be the size of a gemstone?

Ans: The size is based on the person’s gender, age, planetary position at the time of birth and the length of the period to be worn. An expert finds out the planetary strength strength and weakness in your body.

3. What are precious and semi-precious stones.

Ans: Ruby, Emerald, Diamond and all Sapphires are considered as precious gemstones, as per Indian system. Rests of them are semi-precious.

4. Why each stone is worn on different finger?

Ans: As per astrology & palmistry, when you look at one’s palm, an expert sees the planetary position on his palm such as Venus mount, Jupiter mount, Saturn mount, Sun, etc. Each mount represents a planet. One has to wear the gemstone above this mount.

5. Why gem stones are worn on different days?

Ans: Name of days are related to planets. Eg. Saturday is related to Saturn, thus Blue Sapphire should be worn on Saturday and so on goes for rest of the gems.