Ruby represents the planet sun. There is a story that goes like this: A rare ruby resides in the mouth of a divine serpent. One day, when the serpent wanted to drink water it opened its mouth and the ruby dropped out. Some people who wanted to steal the ruby covered it with cow dung so that the gem’s luminosity is hidden from the serpent.

The serpent distraught about the loss of the gem hit its head on the ground till it died. Whereupon, the ruby is retrieved from the cow dung and taken away. This stolen ruby came to be known as Naga Manikkam. (Naga means divine serpent and Manikkam means ruby). There are many myths, related to serpents in India. In a rare instance, a ruby was found inside a paddy shell which is known as non Manikkam (Paddy ruby).

Ruby is one of the gems in the family of corundum. It originated from the Latin word 'rubrun' meaning red.                    

Chemical Properties:
In chemistry, the ruby is known as aluminum oxide. Though the basic color is red, little differences can be seen depending upon the origin of the country. 

The hardness of ruby is measured as eight. Density is 3.55.

Colors and Shapes:
Available in dark luminous red and in mixed color on one side and dark red color on the other.
Usually Oval shaped.

Good for prevention or cure of intermittent fever, heart ailment, tuberculosis, melancholia, bad memories and headaches.Inspires good fortunes at all times and gives favorable results to those frequently meet with higher authorities in their work. It denotes love, enthusiasm and strength.

Types of Ruby:
The Burmese ruby is a very famous stone. In the Burmese ruby very thin particles of titanium oxide in the shape of sharp pins can be detected. When light rays pass through this stone, the effect is like rippling silk within. These particles aretherefore known as silk. Beautiful, quality Burma rubies are as expensive as diamonds. Synthetic rubies are also produced and available in the market.

Another variety of the stone is known as the Star Ruby. When the rays of the sun or rays from a light source pass through a star Ruby, a star on the surface can be seen and six rays from the star are reflective. If one moves the gem the star also seems to move. Since the olden days, the star ruby was considered as a very mysterious stone that bestowed good results on its wearer. In gems of a bigger size, the number of stars would be more. A ruby of good quality and reflection of stars but with blue tinge is known as a Star Sapphire.  

Ruby Producers:
Sri Lanka, Australia and India.