Why is Pearl the queen of gems???  

Natural pearl is one of the wonderful creations of Almighty. This beautiful gem is formed inside the living shells in water. Pearl is the queen of gems and its attraction is fascinating and heart throbbing.

Since the beginning of the present century Japan started producing cultured pearls. Some chemical substance was inserted within the live shells and deposited back into water. As years went by pearls were formed inside the shells. The shells were subsequently retrieved and the pearls produced. This pearl is knownas ultured pearl.

Colors and Shapes:
White, pink, light blue, light yellow and brown. 

Good for mental power, to reduce sinus infections, inflammations due to cold, tonsillitis, menstrual disorders and so on. If worn by children it helps to reduce indigestion and shivering. It also helps to reduce over thirst, constipation and hot spots on the body.

Pearls with Other stones:
Those who have a desire to build one’s own house, pearl and yellow sapphire together will help to achieve the goal.
 Coral, yellow sapphire and pearl together is good for the control of urinary disorders. 
 Pearl, emerald and yellow sapphire, if worn together will reduce asthma.
 Pearl and ruby together helps to increase the eyesight.
 For kidney related ailments moonstone and lapis lazuli is good. 
Cultured pearls are more beautiful, but the good results of natural pearl are more and long lasting.

Wrong and untimely usage of pearl may cause ill effects such as body pain, cold, inflammation on joints and mental uneasiness.

Pearl Producers:
Japan, Australia, India, Iran, Iraq and Sri Lanka
Turicorin pearls in India are very famous for their beauty.