Red Coral controls laziness...  

A coral is the reformation of dead creatures in the sea. It takes thousands of years to reach this form. The content of a coral is calcium-carbonate (Ca Co3). 

Hardness is measured in between 3.5 and 4. Density is 2.65 gems/cm3.

Colors and Shapes:
Available in different colors such as pink, red and white. 

To reduce asthma, fistula, fever, nasal ailments, pain in throat and in curing T.B. Good for reducing mental disorders, bone disorders, headaches, leucorrhoea and diabetes. Helps in increasing the quantity of seminal fluid. Good for reducing chickenpox and diseases related to bone marrow and blood cancer. Reduce  laziness and helps in overcoming enemies and provides self protection to those who handle weapons. Helps sportsmen increase their muscular strength.

Coral with other stones:
Red coral worn with a moonstone is good for reducing heart ailments due to blood circulation problems.
Worn with a pearl helps reduce blood pressure.
 Red coral and golden topaz worn together are helpful in reducing urinary disorders and appendicitis.

Unnecessary and untimely use of a coral may cause accidents from weapons, pain in the muscles, abnormal lust, boils, tumors, sun stroke, headaches,  stubbornness and so on. Excess of red rays might lead to vomiting and back pain. Before using a coral, it is advisable to consult an expert.

Coral Production:
Australia, Madagascar and Bay of Pakistan.