Emeralds, the fire of purity and power...  

The innate quality and mesmerized color of this wonderful gem would give a cool effect in the innermost depths of    the soul and the body.  It works like a magical medicine for the frozen mind.  To induce the power of the planet    Mercury into the body, this beautiful gem was being used thousands of years ago. According to legends, if this gem is    worn by lovers, it will only remained colorful as long as both were faithful.  Several cases of disappointed lovers have    proved this to be correct.

The gem, green in color in the family of “berial”  is called Emerald. 

Colors and Shapes:
Available in colors of dark green,  light green and the color of leaves.
Available in shapes of step cut and trap cut. Also available in mixed oval cut.

Use of emeralds can change a rough voice and eliminate hoarseness of voice.
To improve mental power, reduce headaches and blood pressure.
Helps in a normal smooth delivery of children in women, sound sleep, memory power and to prevent slimness.
Enhance shining and smoothness of skin.
For lawyers, teachers and orators this gem is good as it helps good public speaking. 

Emeralds may lead to some problems for the wearers based  on the position of planet Mercury in their horoscope. 
Wrong use of emeralds may cause frigidity, loss of power, obesity, laziness, shivering and so on.

Resembling Stones:
Green Tourmaline, Jade and Peridot.

Emerald Production:
Colombia, India, Pakistan, Brazil, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tanzania, and different parts in the old Soviet Union.