Yellow Sapphire the fascinating, luminous gem...


Topaz is one of the gems in the family of corundum. It is also known as push or yellow sapphire. Topaz represents the planet Jupiter. 

Chemical Properties:
The basic content is aluminium oxide. Very minute dots and bubbles like particles can be seen inside the gems. As the iron particles are more in this gem, the luminous and green tint is more prominent. 

Hardness of this gem is measured at 8. Its density is 3.55. 

Colors and Shapes:
This beautiful, fascinating, luminous gem is available in different colors including yellow, light yellow, honey, golden, brownish yellow, and white.

Helps to cure ear-related ailments and uneasiness.
Reduces liver ailments.
Helps to reduce the black circles under the eyes in women.

Use with Other stones:
Topaz and pearl worn together is useful in reducing the craving for alcoholic drinks.
Topaz and Ruby jointly help in promotion good health. 
Wearing coral and topaz together, appendicitis can be cured to a certain extent.

Wrong use of topaz may cause sleeplessness, hoarseness of voice and increasing of phlegm etc. 

Resembling stones:
Yellow zircon, Golden beryl and Quartz. 

Available in Srilanka in large quantity.
Burma sapphire is also famous for its beauty. 
India, Australia and Russia are also known for mining topaz