The charisma of the cat’s eye!...

In the cat’s eye, a distinctly clear luminous white ray can be seen from one end to the other. Cat’s eye is one of the gems belonging to the family of Chrysoberyl. The word Chrysoberyl originated from the Greek word 'chryso', which means golden color. Golden yellow chrysoberyl is also available in the market. 


Chemical Properties:
In chemistry, a cat’s eye is known as Berelium Aluminium Oxide (Be Al2 O4). Very thin pinpoints resembling crystals can be seen inside the cat’s eye. They seem to be distributed in a parallel fashion and perhaps this is the reason for the luminousness of the gem. When you slightly tilt the gem, the rays also seem to be tilting along.


The hardness of chrysoberyl is measured as 8.5. It is differentiated from other gems by the moving rays from one end to  the other. The density is measured as 3.7 gms/cm to 3 gms/cm.


Colors and Shapes:
Available in yellow and yellowish green colors. Rarely, found in the color of honey brown too. A available in round and oval shapes. 


Helps in overcoming the fear of water and words like an iron curtain against black magic resorted to by enemies.


Hessonite Producers:
Found in plenty in southern parts of Kerala in India and is famous for its beauty and luminousness. Brazil, Burma and Sri Lanka are also known for mining cat’s eye.